Starting from the bench as a place for meeting, the aim of this project is to “re-animate” the object of presences, past silences, and dialogues which have taken place there. The work starts from a personal experience of research on the theme of interaction with the surroundings, which is elaborated on two different levels: a more sensory one, connected with the sensorial perception of a past event belonging to the same place, and a relational one, related to the creation of a possible dialogue. 
I have worked with a senior centre in the island of Giudecca, Venice. The Giudecca is an island in the venetian lagoon. I organized “sharing sessions” in which the inhabitants should share with me their story and their idea of “island“. What does it mean to live in an island?
The appointments were between 17 and 18 at the bench near “Zitelle“ waterbus-stop. The conversations were recorded and put through headphones on the same bench at the same hour of the day. From the bench itself also a water sound was transmitted at high volume: the sound heard from the same bench at the same hour.